Technology 解决方案

The key to Ockers’ long-term success has always been our ability to consistently provide state-of-the-art technology solutions coupled with expert installation and reliable support services. We continue this tradition by offering our loyal Massachusetts, 罗德岛州, 新汉普郡, 康涅狄格, Maine and Vermont customers an all-inclusive range of custom implemented IT related products and installation services with special emphasis on:

  • Technology 解决方案
  • 网络评估
  • Custom Server 解决方案
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Infrastructure: Data Center & 布线
  • Application 软件服务
  • Managed IT 服务
  • 灾难恢复 & Business Continuity
  • VoIP / SIP电话 & 通信
  • Audio/Visual Components
  • 台式电脑 & 笔记本电脑
  • Cloud Computing 服务

World Class IT 产品 Reseller

Ockers authorized sales and certified service centers offer more than 700,000 computer products from over 3,800 of the world's leading hardware manufacturers. Whatever your IT data center, business communications and security needs, our cost-effective custom solutions ensure optimum performance, efficiency and dependability. View our Solution Partners page for more information.

IT 安全 Assessment & 策略

Because information is the lifeblood of any organization, protecting your data and related assets is always the overriding concern with Ockers’ technology engineers. During our consulting process we’ll comprehensively review, evaluate and address every aspect of your IT project and recommend proven security strategies that provide peace of mind. As a Microsoft® Certified Partner, Ockers offers Windows Server solutions that comprise software application alternatives security-matched to your operating system.


When it comes to network security, Ockers is at the forefront of protection technology with multi-layered UTM (Unified Threat Management) product solutions from Cisco and SonicWALL. Our data defense solutions identify and eradicate security threats with an interactive arsenal of anti-virus, 反垃圾邮件, anti-malware software and firewall appliances that keep networks safe. Trusted by Fortune 500 to small enterprises, let Ockers’ network security engineers design a system that is tailored to your industry needs.

配置 & 影像服务

The Ockers Company provides complimentary basic configuration services for our computer hardware customers while custom configurations, disk imaging and asset tagging services are provided at reasonable cost. Ockers’ technical expertise and time-saving autoload imaging services deliver uniform hardware and software solutions efficiently configured to meet both current and future operational considerations.

Wireless/WiFi Connectivity

Ockers wireless solutions begin with a pre-sales analysis of your connectivity goals, networking parameters and environmental requirements against installation cost factors. As a leading provider of IT and communications network services in New England, we are technically astute at planning, 建筑, managing and maintaining wireless solutions of all kinds... LAN, WAN, CCTV, VoIP, etc. Whether contemplating a multi-location rollout or enhancing your current system’s effective coverage, discover the advantages of utilizing Ockers diverse experience.


Storage Area Networks provide an excellent means of increasing capacity for IT managers operating with larger-scale and fast-growing databases. SAN solutions offer high-performance features including full data availability, 快照, options for deduplication and thin provisioning. Whatever your data storage environment, applications and workflow requirements, trust Ockers to develop a capacity solution that meets your infrastructure’s needs… now and into the future. We offer an extensive line of supported performance, scalability and integration options at budget-friendly price points.

桌面迁移 & 电

Ockers possesses the in-depth experience and scalable technology resources to strategically plan and implement critical desktop migrations and rollouts for any size data project. Our comprehensive services consist of application deployment; hardware and server configuration; operational testing; software support and follow-up maintenance. 避免麻烦, delay and inconsistency problems of dealing with multiple vendors by contacting the Ockers Company.

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